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Frequently asked questions

about Siberians


6 items that are true bullshit about huskies and are frequently said :

         The eyes :

"Huskies have blue eyes " -  More of them have brown eyes, some of them have blue but it is more exception then rule.

"Purebred  Huskies have 1 blue and 1 brown eye" -  is seen more in huskies and other breeds like the border collie and is approved by the standard

"they can be put together with cats because they like each other" - As soon as the puppy time is over comes the hunting spirit up and <smile>, and then the cat will be soon 'the bunny' ("I love cats - they taste just like chicken").  Even if the y grow up together a husky and a cat don't match (exceptions are made here by few of them).
An example in practice : boss came home and saw a cat running by without tale, complete in distress.  Her husky was happily chewing the cat's tale and didn't understand what he did wrong, he only follow his hunt spirit

"You can make them obey if you have them from pup on" - Real husky people are now laughing happily;  all huskies do run away.  The one a little less then the other but complete obedience you can never expect from a husky.  The cause is very simple : Huskies have a big territory : that's why they like to wonder around. Typical with this is as soon as they get bored by wondering around they don't return home like Lassie, but happily knocking on someone else's door.  This are the only dogs that make use of the communicative ability of people.  w,o,w, the nameplate the doglicence AND the telephone.


"they can play so cute with kids" - Huskies are gentle of natrue against people, so also with kids, but you have to watch out he doesn't jump or pushed the kid over.  Huskies are dogs from way up North and "Cute life forms" don't hold on long time at this climate and height.  The rules in the husky-pack are very strict. The leader is giving his group a rough beating up if they don't listen to what he says.   Put a husky in a family with little kids,  then are these rules and values not in the right place with these little kids.  The husky could be thinking that that little human puppy has to be thought some manners.  You don't have to be afraid that he will bite, but he will in his own way teach the kid his place if he irritates or bores him.  Think hereby at pushing to the ground with his feet, just running over, giving a smack with his paw or a smack with open jaws   (this last one is frequently wrong seen as biting, but is to compare with a smack of our hand.  It comes to you as very hard but is only meant to scare).


"Huskies are half wolves" - Bullshit.  Huskies are true dogs (genetic closer to a poodle then a wolf).  They stay till high age playful like a pup. A wolf becomes mature in spirit.  On a certain age you don't have to throw a ball because he will look at you like 'euh do you think I am going to catch that? I am a little old no?'. If pups around he will play the game along.  A Siberian will stay through all very playful till high age. (Like acting like Moby Dick in the lake) And even more : have you ever seen a wolf with blue eyes ?


"Huskies are good guard dogs" - ....NOT! Even with 30 huskies around, brake in and you will be greatened with all joy!  There are a few pole dogs that do guard  (Samoyed),  but with these the Husky does not belong ! If you see a marking somewhere with 'here I stand guard ' and a beautiful husky head alongside, start laughing already because this is rubbish from first degree.

Do Siberian Huskies shed?

Yes, but it is usually limited to twice a year. Most people call it "blowing coat". The hair usually comes out in larger clumps. It takes between a week to four weeks and longer to completely "blow coat". A way to speed up the process is to wash the dog more frequently and brush frequently

How do I stop my Siberian Husky from digging?

The truth is, you probably can't. The best way to handle a digger is to get to the reason why they are digging and generally it's boredom. Some people have had success in placing the dog's own stool in the hole to discourage the digging, but this will probably only lead to new holes.

How deep does a Siberian digs ?

As far as he can... 30 cm 50 cm 1 m 2 m... 5 m...


If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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