I Need More Of You - Bellamy Brothers

Music choise   :   When i was looking for a song for her and when i heard this song i began to smile because this

                             song expressed a little bit what i hoped for her.  I hope she will get some features of Alizka because

                             Alizka is my big time hero and since she is retired now...   I hope to go into agility also with her...   

                             so i hope for more from her.  And the sentiment that came alng with the spectacular birth made me

                             decide to keep her and so came the dreams and hope along with that.

Hidden Hope d'Abajomy



Pedigree : ALSH 0065262 - Hips A2 - eyes clear - NEUTERED






Dezhno d'Abajomy

Ch.Tundrafoot's Suddely Seymour ChRunaway Of Artic Sun Ch.Tundrafoot's Devil Indeskyz Ch. Blackoak's Crescendo
Ch.Ihalmuit's Fair Dawn
Newlook Of Artic Sun Ch.Nivek Bits N Pieces
CH.Nootka's Nikita Of Isbok
Ch.Tundrafoot's Simply Shelly Ch.Snowmist's Alibi Ch.Shaheen's Star Chaser
Ch.Snowmist's Risky Business
Ch.Tundrafoot's Aktavi Katarra Ch.Tundrafoot's Devil Indeskyz
Ch.Tundrafoot's Halfway Home
Belamour Of Cold Nomadís Arcticlight's Tool Time Tailer Arcticlight's Red hot Scooter Arcticlight's Wags To Riches
Arcticlight's Precious Jewel 
Arcticlight's Moonlight Melody Innisfree Fire and Frost 
Moonlight-Day d'Upernavik
Tentation Of Cold Nomad's Rebel Of Cold Nomad's Arcticlight's Canadian Trader
Over Power Of Artic Sun 
Orphega Of Artic Sun  Nivek's Bits N Pieces
Isbok's Sunset Hills Saga  




Ferianthť d'Abajomy

Uriahs Crying Woulf Samourai Des Garrigues Du Loup Du Canebas Kevinís Dream Noratlas Timberwolf Of Artic Sun
Helsinki Du Domaine De Hubedanís
Manouchkah Des Garrigues Du Loup Du Canebas Ice-Pack Des Reves De Neige
Eihkinah De La Baisse De Leveillat
Soukhana Shining Love Mhicha Des Garrigues Du Loup Du Canebas Ice-Pack Des Reves De Neige
Eihkinah De La Baisse De Leveillat
Jeska Balto Des Brises Oceanes
Eeakinah Of Dabayak
Alizka W'ouros Sorbet Van Ivoma Yavrien Van Ivoma
Quitane Farm Sidor
Oshi Van Ivoma Quinnie Farm Sidor
Larka Van Ivoma
Visca Zeumpy Yurko Van Ivoma
Yiris Van Ivoma
Oshi Van Ivoma Quinnie Farm Sidor
Larka Van Ivoma





















Name                  : Hidden Hope d'Abajomy        nickname : bouncing ball

Date Of Birth     : 02/08/08

Hobby's              : being a lazy ass inside the house  and making the other dogs do what she wants so all space for her and all attention too if possible

Specialty            : arguing

Namechoise        : well the name was quite difficult because it had to express what is behind this puppy (besides the

                              the fact she was conceived and born in a spectacular way).  It is so that i wanted to improve Alizka

                              my big time hero and i combined her with Uriah.. so i got Danthť...  a nice and sweet dog but not

                              exactly what i hoped for.  So again i tried to improve it again with Dezhno but i wanted to keep the   

                              good qualities of Alizka.  So i secretely hope that she will be my next agility siberian like her grand-   

                              mother Alizka .. so came the name Hidden Hope (the idea was given by people of Hidden Star d'Abajomy   

                              so i asked if they would mind if i used Hidden also and also i asked the people of Abajomy's Snowdancing

                              Hope if they woul mind if i used Hope again)

To be short.. Hope is a very special dog.... which is also born out of 2 dogs already bred by me.  Hope ha unfortunately been through a lot at young age including a trachea operation and is catch by her troat 2 months after the operation by a strange man.... which makes she isn't too fond of strange man now but if you let her at her own pace she will come sit on your lap.   Ze is and stay my little girly ( click on the link at the bottom of this page to read her story about her operation)










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