Welcome on the site of my kennel D'Abajomy Siberians.

Who am i : An Lazoen  from kid i been around dogs at home and ran my first competition

                at age 12 with a red cocker spaniel

What do i do : breeding siberians  

Why am i doing this : in the first place as a hobby and in the second place because

                                i want to also an effort for the breed and therefor i only breed

                                with certified dogs with good hips and eyes.

On what base do i select : health, character and beauty (in that order)

What do i do with my dogs except breeding ?: besides my hobby to have once in a

                                    while a litter, i am also actively busy with my dogs. 

                                    For example Alizka does agility and mushing !! But we are

                                    also to be seen on dogshows.  So it won't be a miracle if

                                    you see me on dogshows, agility competitions and mushing

                                    competitions.  Besides all that we are sometimes also asked

                                    for commercials and fotoshoots.  So my dogs already made

                                    their entrance on tv in Fata Morgana are to be seen on

                                    commercials for Bento and childsclothing.   But most of all

                                    I have my dogs for pleasure and because i love them and

                                    love the breed.  There is no better breed then the siberian

                                    or the border collie, but the border collie i just have for fun and

                                    is not used for breeding.  I play flyball with him     


So that was shortly who i am and what i do.  On the site you can meet my dogs and hear and see that each dog has his own song and you can read why i chose it for them. Also you can read some more about some diseases and education.  The site is updated regurlarly so you can always see what is going on  but if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.  


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