You Are The Reason - K's Choice

music choice  : chosing a song for her wasn't that difficult because eitherway it had to be a song of K's Choice

                          and because she is the pup where i was working to with my breeding for years... so You Are The Reason 

                          meet :                       

K's Choice d'Abajomy 





Pedigree : LOSH 1095183  Hips : HIPS A   eyes : eyes clear 


Sheytan’s Beauty Coca Cola



Sheytan’s Beauty Amore Mio

Sweeps Del Karraces

Sheytan’s Beauty Uh-la-la


Naivasha Opal Serenade

Crystalice Snowmist’s Fudge

Topsecret Of Artic Sun


HiddenHope d’Abajomy



Dezhno  d’Abajomy

Tundrafoot’s Suddenly seymour

Belamour Of Cold Nomad’s


Ferianthé d’Abajomy


Uriahs Crying Woulf



Name                    :  K's Choice d'Abajomy        nickname :  kikiwikki

Date Of Birth       : 14/06/2011

Hobby's                : talking, interferring with the others

Speciality             : pulling drinkbuckets out of their holders

Namechoice         : well i was looking long time to find a good name for her...but couldn't find anything that suited her or

                              pleased me... and one day i turned on the radio and heard K's Choice (a Belgian Singer) which i was

                              already a fan of and my dad used to be also a fan... and it was the K litter which i had to choose a puppy

                             from...  so translated my K Choice.... so she was named after K's Choice .. so a double meaning...  because

                             it took me also a long time to choose her from the litter although i knew it from the birth on but there

                             was another puppy also that pleased me very muched.... so i doubted 3 weeks...


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 evalutation LOSH breeding - excellent





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