Let's Go Girls - Shania Twain


music choice    : because of her naughty character she was called GoingCrazy instead of Goldenglow for her color and

                            there for she needed a naughty song.  She is a female with attitude.  At the age of 9 weeks she

                            even had a big mouth to her grandmother Belle... Meet :

In Sweet Loving memory of

Going Crazy d'Abajomy



Pedigree :  LOSH 1016606 - eyes clear - HD-A2 - NEUTERED




Dezhno d’Abajomy


Ch.Tundrafoot's Suddely Seymour

 Ch.Runaway Of Artic Sun

Ch.Tundrafoot's Devil Indeskyz

Ch. Blackoak's Crescendo

Ch.Ihalmuit's Fair Dawn

Newlook Of Artic Sun

Ch.Nivek Bits N Pieces

CH.Nootka's Nikita Of Isbok

Ch.Tundrafoot's Simply Shelly

Ch.Snowmist's Alibi

Ch.Shaheen's Star Chaser

Ch.Snowmist's Risky Business

Ch.Tundrafoot's Aktavi Katarra

Ch.Tundrafoot's Devil Indeskyz

Ch.Tundrafoot's Halfway Home


Belamour Of Cold Nomad's

Ch.Arcticlight's Tool Time Tailer

Ch.Arcticlight's Red hot Scooter

Ch.Articlight's Wags To Riches

Ch.Arcticlight's Precious Jewel

Ch.Arcticlight's Moonlight Melody

Ch.Innisfree Fire and Frost

Ch.Moonlight-Day d'Upernavik

Tentation Of Cold Nomad's

Rebel Of Cold Nomad's

Ch.Arcticlight's Canadian Trader

Ch.Over Power Of Artic Sun

Orphega Of Artic Sun

Ch.Nivek's Bits N Pieces

Ch.Isbok's Sunset Hills Saga


Ebony d’Abajomy

Uriahs Crying Woulf

Samourai Des Garrigues Du Loup Du Canebas

Kevin's Dream Noratlas

Timberwolf Of Artic Sun

Helsinki Du Domaine De Hubedan's

Manouchkah Des Garrigues Du Loup Du Canebas

Ice-Pack Des Reves De Neige

Eihkinah De La Baisse De Leveillat

Soukhana Shining Love

Micha Des Garrigues Du Loup Du Canebas

Ice-Pack Des Reves De Neige

Eihkinah De La Baisse De Leveillat


Balto Des Brises Oceanes

Eeakinah Of Dabayak


Power Of Love Of Settler’s Bay

Natty Black Boy Des Reves De Neiges

Indeskyz Boy junior Des Reves De Neiges

Tundrafoots Devil Indeskyz

Fydgye Des Reves De Neiges

Odessa Of Artic Sun

Vishnu’s Horizon In Sight

Snowmist Rebellion O’vishnu

Gotskye Des Reves De Neiges

Isa-Tai Ringo Of Sno-Den

Sno-Dens Red of Isa-tai

Sno-Dens Proof Of Isa-Tai


Czyka Of Amalouk

Uska De L’Olenek


Name                    :  Going Crazy       bijnaam : happy peppy

Date of Birth        : 01/04/07       

Hobby's                : having a big mouth , trying to steal food from other dogs

Specialty              : always being happy

Namechoice         : this name took me 8 weeks to find!!!  If you see it or hear it , it sounds simple, but it wasn't

                               First i had called her Goldenglow because of her color.  But it didn't suit her character, the name

                               was to calm for her. Everytime she did crazy things, time after time so i started thinking again and

                               and came up with GoingCrazy and sometimes she really seems to be just that...


Crazy is a dog that I bred out of 2 dogs i already bred myself .  I didn't had to intention to keep a pup from this litter except if  there was a coppercolored female... and yes Crazy was born.... and stayed.... joining her mother father grandfather...  She is a very sweet but sometimes silly dog but after her first litter she calmed down a bit .. but as a pup i had a handfull with her.... but she still is always in the mood for a game or joke...


Show Results :

baby class :

01/09/07 - 2nd very promising on the clubmatch of the SHKN (dhr Meyerink)

22/09/07 Oostende - 1e very promising (Miss Heikkinen-Lehkonen)

puppyclass : 

17/11/07 Kortrijk - 1e very promising (Dhr David Cavill)  10e Beste pup in show

08/12/07 Genk - 1e  very promising (Dhr Boris Spoljaric)- with 8 best pups in show

Youthclass :

12/04/08 - Antwerp - 4th Very Well (Mevr R. Reyniers)







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