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In Loving Memory



never thought i had to put you in this place so soon my gorgeous


so many hopes  so many dreams shattered in a few moments..... you live my dream up there sweetie


so sudden so unexpected .... this couldn't be true .. you just went to the vet for a routine surgery .. getting spayed ...

and we don't think much about it anymore but you proved anestetic is still a risk ... unfortunately you became a statistic,

but one i would rather not have seen in my beloved dog ..  rest in peace my sweet little ebony ....



my dear oh dear Alizka how can words describe what i feel now you are gone ...

you were ok till the last 3 months then you got in pain and pain got worse so painmeds wouldn't work anymore

so i had to make that incredible hard decision to let you go and run free

i am so happy you were in my life and i have already 5 generations of you here in my kennel

so you'll always live further in your kids grandkids and further on



My sweet lovely Belle, really sudden your life came to an end in not such a nice way..... i was only 45 minutes gone from home , to come back in hell.... with emergency i took you to the vet but unfortunately no help could save you  and i had to make the harddecision to let you go.   you were almost 14.5 but still going strong so much too soon you went away.

No words can describe how hard her passing hit me.... but the descission had to be taken for her sake.... she gentle was put to sleep in my arms


Almost 15 years a part of my life ,  his mind was still there but his body let him down , so in my arms he was gently put to sleep


my sweet faithful danika my dancing queen, my best leaddog ever... so sudden so unexpected .....  yes you were well beyond 14 years of age and yet you were still going strong till suddenly .....  it happend all so fast .... that i had to make the call and decide to let you go ...


mijn mooie lieve sproetekop ... je was nog tip top in orde tot plots het noodlot toesloeg en je een (waarschijnlijk) herseninfarct of hersenbloeding kreeg ... ik hoopte dat je er nog zou bovenop komen maar 2 dagen later ging het snel bergafwaarts met je en kon je niet meer recht ... je wou zelf de strijd nog aangaan maar de dierenarts en ik zagen dat het een oneerlijke strijd zou gaan worden ... dus moesten we je laten gaan.  Je levenslust was nog niet weg maar je lichaam gaf op .





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