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diseases and discomforts 



It is impossible to go explain all different possible diseases and therefore i have made a selection of diseases that are common specially in Siberian Huskies but also other most common diseases. 

And to be honest we can love a breed so much but we have to recognize some breeds are more sensitive to particular diseases then others for example a Chihuaua will not get Hip dysplasia as fast a Saint Bernard.  The breeding programs will help controlling the diseases but not all diseases can be excluded by breeding, therefore i always keep to the reglementations prescribed by the club of the breed and by the organization of the pedigrees and only healthy dogs are used in my breeding program. 

However if you still have a question and it is not mentioned here you can always contact me by email or phone to ask me and we will gladly help you with whatever problem you are dealing, as far as i can since i am not a vet and if you doubt  you should always see your vet. 


Hipdisplasie    ectropion    entropion     lupus      hotspot       worms

dangerous foods      prolaps    panosteitis    bladderstones     cushing


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