Passionate Kisses -  Mary Chapin Carpenter

music choice   : i needed to search a little bit but not too long because i found a number that wasz called passionate kisses and since this little lady wassuch a kisser she got her name from that and stole my heart that way, because intentially it wasn't supposed to keep a pup from that litter ...   Meet  :

Power Of Passionate Kisses d'Abajomy




pedigree  : LOSH 1183270 - HD: A,  ogen : clear




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Name                  :       nickname :

Date Of Birth      : 09/11/2016

Hobby's              : giving kisses

Specialty            : screaming when i am with another dog then her

Namechoice       : it was intentionally not ment that i kept a puppy from that litter but Aliy got my attention from the beginning and each time i picked her up she lookedstraight into my eyes

                             and kisses my sweet  and softly on my nose... she really grew nicely in the litter and she pleased me more and more andso i decided to keep her , because she always  gives kisses

                              i called her power of passionate kisses.....  Power also because of her great great grandmother Power Of love Of Settler's Bay aka Peassy as a tribute to her , because Aliy is 5th generation

                              born here out of Peassy and the Passionate kisses because of her kisses she gives  and then her fullname became Power Of Passionate kisses.....logical as she made her way into my heart

                              by the power of giving kisses.  Her callname Aliy is to the alos famous Iditarod rider Aliy Zirkle, who was already 3 times 2nd in this race and in 2016 she was attacked in this race by a

                              snowscooter, but despite the great loss she had in her team andshock she kept going and finished the race !!! So hopefully does my little Aliy has the same spirit to keep going as the

                              person who she is named after. 




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