I Have a Dream - Abba

music choice   :   to find a suitable number wasn't easy because you can not express in words how i waited for that little

                            fellow en how much i love him and how i see Champie his follower up.  His name Fenli also referes to

                            Champie and so the number choice had to be special also and had to tell something.  I choose I Have a

                            Dream from Abba mainly for the sentense : I believe in Angels , because i can see many things alike

                            with Champie, even if i know i can not compare you still unknowingly do.  So meet my wonderfull

                            and unconquerred

In Sweet Loving Memory of

Silque Fenli



Pedigree : LOSH 1010137  - CASTRATED



Silque Explorer "Moby"




Hidden Farms Mexicano


Mobella de Fella


Hidden Farms Ball Fly




Silque Zinia


Sh. Ch. Caristan Mot Chandon


Sh. Ch. Sheltysham Shady Lady




Silque Desteny (Mira)



Sheltysham Sherpa

Sh.Ch.Reakasso Ryan


Sh.Ch.Sheltysham Sheasetease



Henhamfield Wistfull Tune

Sh.Ch. Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone


Henhamfield Singing Witch


Name                    :   Fenli       nickname : my sweet little angel  (or just nutcase)

Date Of Birth       :  12/10/06

Hobby's                : begging for attention - chasing flies (even if there aren't any) - breaking down the fence  - typing along

                                with me at the computer

Speciality             : fly around like a nutcase

Namechoice          : On this name is thought a longtime.  I was supposed to have a puppy from another litter and 

                              then the kennelname would have been : From Silque's Freehill, just like Champie.  Fenli means

                              in old english : "I saw a dog"... and the first border collie i went to visit was Champie, so his full

                              name would have been Fenli From Silque's Freehill. Translated : I saw a dog from Qilque from Frieda

                              and Hilda (... Champie) But unfortunately there was not a male in that litter so i had to wait for

                              the next litter, but then the kennelname was Silque and so his name was Silque Fenli... not quite

                              the same but i kept the name anyway.  Both kennels are connected with eachother and so it is the

                              the same for me if his name is now Silque Fenli of Fenli From Silques Freehill heet.  It was the thought

                              behind the name that countd for me

6 decembre a long awaited day, my alarm is set at 8 o'clock but was not neede because i was awake long before that and waited for the time to come and every minute seemed to last for an hour 

Because this year i was expecting a very nice gift , namely Fenli  !!

what was i happy to see my little fellow.  The drive in the car went perfectly (almost).  So when we arrived at home 8 excited pups and their mom awaited us.  Fenli thought this was al so impressive but when he met Faya, one of the pups he felt right at home straight away.  Also Danika awaited and welcomed him with open paws.

Some impressions :


     just seeking a quick comfort with my known toy                        Faya come and help me with this bag to open it because i'm hungry


i can stick out my thung even further prrrr                                                 such a table is just comfy for my size of dog  

        en dan is het nieuwjaar   !!!


he becomes a (creepy) look-a-like             

In the summer of 2009 Fenli started flyball





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