The Winner Takes It All - Abba

music choice   :  this song was very quickly decided for Belle, if you look at her showresults...

                            she does well on many things like show and mushing.  But Belle went on early retirment

                            because she got involved in an accident in mushing and is afraid now to go all the way.

                            And in deecembre 2009 she got a miscarriage for the second time in row she got nutered

                            So meet :

In Sweet loving

memory of

Belamour Of Cold Nomad's



pedigree: LOSH 0916303- eyes : clear HD B  - NEUTERED





Arcticlight's Tool Time Tailer


Arcticlight's Red hot Scooter


Arcticlight's Wags To Riches

Ch.Chefornak's Norton Snow Sky

Kliff du Loup Polaire

Kama De Kablunak

Ch.Arcticlight's Red Kelly

CH Innisfree’s Tradewind

Ch.Arcticlight’s Shadrina

Arcticlight's Precious Jewel 

Ch.Arcticlight's top of the class

Arcticlight’s Snow Cruiser

Arcticlight’s Sparkle Farkle

Ch.Arcticlight's Tiffany T. of Foxfire

CH Innisfree’s Tradewind

CH Arcticlight’s Shadrina


Arcticlight's Moonlight Melody

Innisfree Fire and Frost 

Ch.Innisfree's Brannigan

CH Innisfree’s Willit Run

CH Innisfree’s Chandalar Sage

Ch.Innisfree's She-Ari

CH Innisfree’s Return Engagement

CH Turick’s Tulik Of Yeso Pac

Moonlight-Day d'Upernavik

Ch.Arcticlight's Silver Shadrin

Snowmist’s Blizz Of Arcticlight

CH Kimlan’s Kisima Of Arcticlight

Kama De Kablunak

CH Arcticlight’s Quincy

Telemark’s Riva Arcticlight





Tentation Of Cold Nomad's



Rebel Of Cold Nomad's

Arcticlight's Canadian Trader

Ch.Innisfree’s Tradewind

CH Innisfree’s Return Engagement

CH Innisfree’s Pegeen

Ch.Arcticlight’s Shadrina

CH Arcticlight’s Silver Shadrin

CH Arcticlight’s Happy Looker

Over Power Of Artic Sun 

Ch.Vishnu's Horizon In Sight

CH Snowmist’s Mai Tai

CH Snowmist’s Icey Spark O’Vishnu

Ch.Snowmist's Rebellion O' Vishnu

CH Snowmist’s Mai Tai

CH Arcticlight’s Snowmist Magic



Orphega Of Artic Sun 

Nivek's Bits N Pieces

Marlytuk's Shaun of Totemple

CH Innisfree’s Sierra Cinnar

CH Marlytuk’s Kiska-Trey

Nivek's Sugar Babe of Kachoko

CH Amorak’s Charlie Pride

CH Nivek’s Rusty Ginger

Isbok's Sunset Hills Saga  

Karnovanda Sasha Groznyi

CH Karnovanda’s Viktor Groznyi

CH Karnovanda’s Rally

Karnovanda's Meisha

CH Quiquern’s Silver Shadow

Karnovanda’s Brianna




















Name                  : Belamour of Cold Nomad's   

Date of Birth      : 10/08/02

Hobby's             : challange you to play, jumping on your back  

Specialty           : Mobydick-in-the-lake-acting

Namechoice      : Belamour is chosen because her name had to start with the letter B  and I always had wanted

                            a dog named "Belle". Belle is born 10 days before my marriage and was partly a weddinggift.

                             and so we came up with Belle Amour with that is not allowed in Belgium so we had to reduce to

                             1 word and max 10 letters and so we found Belamour                             

Show results :

puppy class :

16/02/03 - Hoogstraten - 1st very promising  - Best puppy  (top 6  Best puppy in show)

13/04/03 - Oostende - 1st very promising - Beste puppy

Youth Class :

06/07/03 - La Louviere (Mevr Van Deijl) - 1st  Excellent  - Best Junior Siberian

26/07/03 - Luik (Dhr Soos) - 1st very good - Best Junior Siberian 

Open Class

13/03/04 - Hoogstraten - 1st excellent - Best female - CAC/CACIB

19/02/05 - Hoogstraten (Theo Leenen) - 3e Excellent

19/03/05 - Wieze - 3e excellent

19/08/07 - Mechelen (Dhr Pollet) - Best Female CAC/CACIB + BOB + 8 best of group 5





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