Luke Bryan - Country Girl  (shake it for me girl)

music choice    : this was a little difficult because Lilly was only just 1 day old when i proudly wanted to announce her on the site ... but finding a fitting number for a 

                             1 day old puppy wasn't evident .... and i had no clue what i wanted to bring with the number either ...  so i was listening to some music and was listening

                             to Luke Bryan because i like him and this number has a nice rhytm ... and as i started to listen to the lyrics, the first sentence "you know you got everybody looking"

                            was so true because everybody wasreally looking forward to this litter because it was one of the few times i went outside for a male and it was a very 

                             promissing combination and everybody was really closely follwoing it up and waiting my new girls arrival  and the lyric went on with  "gonna stump my boots in the

                            gorgia mudd." .. and if everything goes right we'll see a lot of mudd while training andthere are a lot of small words and sentences which can refer to huskies

.                            and she will defenitly be a country girl like most huskies prefer the outside and as i live in the countrside


Legal Love d'Abajomy



Pedigree : LOSH 1113754 -  eyes : clear - hips A

hight and weight  :  53 cm - 23 kg






Ziemabora’s Yippie Ki-yay


Kansa Playin´ In The Big Time

Ch. Syntari´s Still In The Game


Ch. Kristari´s Playin´ To Win

Ch. Kristari’s Spectator

Kristari's Margarita O'Mainake

Ch. Syntari´s Just Another Nut

CH Rainy Nights Debut Of Syntari

Huskavama's Minimum Wage

Kansa She´s Like The Wind

Ch. Highlander´s Austin Powers


Ch. Solochas Magnum P.I.

Ch. Yukon Wind’s I’m Your Lady

Ch. Kansa´s Windsong O´ Jestar

CH. Royal Star’s Kansa Country

Ch.Seven Oaks Mattea Melody

Ch. Ziemabora´s Dressed To Kill

Ch. Kansa Next Big Thing


Ch. Kansa Hypnotize The Moon

CH Royal Star’s Kick A Little

CH. Seven Oaks Mattea Melody

Kansa All That I Am

CH. Royal Star’s Kansa Country

CH. Seven Oaks Mattea Melody

Ch. Ziemabora´s Dress To Impress Sheair

Ch. Rashauns Premier Of Ziemabora

CH Castlerock’s Court Jester

Rashauns Mai Madori

Kaila´s Krystal Lite O´ Ziemabora

CH Tullemore’s Copyright

Kaila’s From Russia With Love





Danika d’Abajomy

Ch.Tundrafoot's Suddely Seymour

ChRunaway Of Artic Sun

Ch.Tundrafoot's Devil Indeskyz

Ch. Blackoak's Crescendo

Ch.Ihalmuit's Fair Dawn

Newlook Of Artic Sun

Ch.Nivek Bits N Pieces

CH.Nootka's Nikita Of Isbok

Ch.Tundrafoot's Simply Shelly

Ch.Snowmist's Alibi

Ch.Shaheen's Star Chaser

Ch.Snowmist's Risky Business

Ch.Tundrafoot's Aktavi Katarra

Ch.Tundrafoot's Devil Indeskyz

Ch.Tundrafoot's Halfway Home

Belamour Of Cold Nomad’s

Arcticlight's Tool Time Tailer

Arcticlight's Red hot Scooter

Arcticlight's Wags To Riches

Arcticlight's Precious Jewel 

Arcticlight's Moonlight Melody

Innisfree Fire and Frost 

Moonlight-Day d'Upernavik

Tentation Of Cold Nomad's

Rebel Of Cold Nomad's

Arcticlight's Canadian Trader

Over Power Of Artic Sun 

Orphega Of Artic Sun 

Nivek's Bits N Pieces

Isbok's Sunset Hills Saga  


Name                    :  Legal Love d'Abajomy            nickname : Lilly

Date Of Birth       : 01/06/2012

Hobby's                : trainings  in front of the cart,  eating , focussing on the horses

Speciality             : educating pups

Namechoice         : this wasn't easy also with the letter L,  not like her brother where i knew from the first moment he was born his name .. and actually  

                              i hoped for a copper one and then it would have been Legally Blond...  but she was grey and i love grey ... and with a little bending the name

                             i came to Legal Love... also because i was really looking forward to the birth of the pups  because of the combination

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Brabo Antwerpen 2014 : 1e excellent open klasse females  - BOS - CAC/CACIB






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