Super Trouper -Abba

music choice   : also this was easy to choose, because champie was a dog one in a million

                            and he really was.  To be short : he was a real Super Trouper, very sweet

                            very cuddly and very spontainiously.  He was like i always say my

                            right hand, wherever i am he was.



Champ From Silque's Freehill

"The Champ"

just more then just a dog !


after an unfare and heavy fight I had

to let him go to the other side of the rainbow.

Champ, rest in peace my boy

Thanks to the medical team from the animalhospital

De Bosdreef - Moerbeke Waas for their 

 good concern over Champ during his

stay there. And special thanks to

Kris Camps and Inge Vanhove

for their commitment.


Pedigree : LOSH 0928457


Sheltysham Sherpa





CEA&PRA: vrij

Sh.Ch. Reakasso Ryan

isds: 156434

Sh.Ch.Whenway Rhys of Mizanne Sh.Ch.Asoka Navajho of Firelynx
Wisp from Whenway
Mizanne The Lady Lucindia Sh.Ch.kathmic Griff
Sh.Ch.Mizanne the Witch
Sh.Ch.Sheltysham Shesatease


Sh.Ch.Corinlea Fleet at Ravenslee Sh.Ch.Asoka Navajho of Firelynx
Whenway Gypsy at Corinlea
Sh.Ch.Sheltysham Saucey Sue Sh.Ch.Viber Travelling Matt
Detania Dolly Bird at Sheltysham


Sh.Ch. Henhamfield Wistfull Tune






CEA&PRA: vrij

Sh.Ch. Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone Nz.Ch..Aberdeenboy Of Clan-Abby Nz Ch. Thunderboy of Clan-Abby
Austr & NZ Ch. Rullion Joy
Nz.Ch. Clan-Abby LornaDoone Nz Ch. Cheviot Gay Lord
Nz Ch. Cheviot Joanne
Henhamfield Singing Witch Sh.Ch. Tilehouse Cassius of Beagold Brocken Sweep of Tilehouse
Fly of Tillehouse
Henham Hazel Sh.Ch. Snowmere Tweed
Joem Jinnifer

Name                  : Champ From Silque's Freehill          nickname : rocketman

Date Of Birth      : 08/04/03

hobby's               : running, trowing toys around, cry if he doesn't get what he wants

specialty            : hanging in your pants





1. Super Trouper - Abba

2. Open Einde - Rob De Nijs

3. Afscheid van een vriend - Clouseau

4. De Illusie - mama's Jasje

5. Nocturne - Secret Garden

... and much more



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