Dancing Queen - Abba

music choice   : when i heard this song i knew it was ment for Danika.  She is a daughter of

                            Belle and has the same qualities to be a showchampion.  Now She also

                            feels like a real queen among the other dogs and she alows herself pretty

                            much among them.  So she claims her food as first of all the dogs and

                            when she sees me coming round with the food she makes a little dance

                            untill i put her bowl down.  Meet :

In Sweet Loving Memory of

Danika d'Abajomy


Pedigree: LOSH 0962436 - HD B1 - eyes clear - NEUTERED





Ch.Tundrafoot's Suddely Seymour

ChRunaway Of Artic Sun Ch.Tundrafoot's Devil Indeskyz Ch. Blackoak's Crescendo Black Oak's Beau Jacque

Innisfree's Lady Shandilar 

Ch.Ihalmuit's Fair Dawn

CH.Ihalmuit's American Dream

Ch.Sekene's Eastern Mist

Newlook Of Artic Sun

Ch.Nivek Bits N Pieces

Marlytuks Shaun Of Totemple

Niveks Sugar Babe of Kachoko 

CH.Nootka's Nikita Of Isbok

CH.Telemark's Fox-Fire Of Isbok 

Ch.Isbok's Maiden Heaven 

Ch.Tundrafoot's Simply Shelly

Ch.Snowmist's Alibi

Ch.Shaheen's Star Chaser

Sunset Hilles Indiana Jones 

Snowmist's D'Fatasia 

Ch.Snowmist's Risky Business

Ch.Snowmist's Mai Tai

Ch.Articlight's Snowmist Magic

Ch.Tundrafoot's Aktavi Katarra

Ch.Tundrafoot's Devil Indeskyz

CH.Blackoak's Crescendo

CH.Ihalmuit's Fair Dawn

Ch.Tundrafoot's Halfway Home

Ch.Boshoi's Attu At Tundra Foot

Ch.Ihalmuit's Fair Dawn




Belamour Of Cold Nomad’s

Arcticlight's Tool Time Tailer

Arcticlight's Red hot Scooter

Arcticlight's Wags To Riches

Ch.Chefornak's Norton Snow Sky

Ch.Arcticlight's Red Kelly

Arcticlight's Precious Jewel 

Ch.Arcticlight's top of the class

Ch.Arcticlight's Tiffany T. of Foxfire

Arcticlight's Moonlight Melody

Innisfree Fire and Frost 

Ch.Innisfree's Brannigan

Ch.Innisfree's She-Ari

Moonlight-Day d'Upernavik

Ch.Arcticlight's Silver Shadrin

Kama De Kablunak

Tentation Of Cold Nomad's

Rebel Of Cold Nomad's

Arcticlight's Canadian Trader

Ch.Innisfree’s Tradewind

Ch.Arcticlight’s Shadrina

Over Power Of Artic Sun 

Ch.Vishnu's Horizon In Sight

Ch.Snowmist's Rebellion O' Vishnu

Orphega Of Artic Sun 

Nivek's Bits N Pieces

Marlytuk's Shaun of Totemple

Nivek's Sugar Babe of Kachoko

Isbok's Sunset Hills Saga  

Karnovanda Sasha Groznyi

Karnovanda's Meisha

Name                  :  Danika D'Abajomy         nickname : queen (togehter with Ebony Bonnie and Clyde)

Date Of Birth      : 21/09/04

Hobby's              : pulling things from the table, eating, falling into the pond ...   

Specialiteit        : breaking ashtrays

Namechoice       : Danika is a slavic name and means "morningstar".  That name I chose for her because I liked it

                             in the first place but also because Danika is always very early in the morning awake for her food

                             even when she was a puppy.  It won't be a miracle to you then when i say that it is possible that

                             she starts crying for food at 6 am!! 

Danika is a dog that i bred myself out of Belle (Belamour Of Cold Nomad's) and Tundrafoot's Suddenly Seymour.  she is a very joyfull and playfull dog.


Show results :

19/08/07 - Mechelen (Dhr Pollet) - 2e excellent Reserve CAC/CACIB 

22/09/07 Oostende - 3e excellent  (Miss Heikkinen-Lehkonen)

17/11/07 Kortrijk - 4e  excellent (Dhr David Cavill)



(lekker slapen hoor)



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