Crocodile Rock - Elton John

music choice  : when dundee gets his food he eats like a crocodile ... and when you give him treats you have to watch your fingers.. he is always hungry for something and from his name

                           i thought this song suited him... he is rocking like a croc...


Dare 2B Different Linora Iceblue


(import poland)



Pedigree : PKR V 19811 - LOSH 9152721 -  hips A - eyes : CLEAR - gonio clear



Name                    : Dare 2B Different Linora Iceblue         nickname :  Dundee

Date Of Birth       : 27/07/2013

Hobby's                : eating , jumping through curtains  , adoring females

Speciality             : being the clown and acting stupid

Namechoice         : his pedigree name comes from the thought that he is different as i am used to have or am used ..  i used to have quite symmetrical marked dogs with 2 same colored eyes

but he is different .....  and his callname.... well since he can snap like a crocodile when he gets treats or eat his dinner ... i thought of the name Crocodile Dundee... but that is too long to call so

i called him Dundee






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