Here I Am - Bryan Adams

music choice  :   this number wasn't easy to choose and not quickly either but when i heard it i knew this was his song

                            I was looking already for a long time for a good looking black and white male and preferably with 

                            blue eyes but from the correct bloodlines and type.   I stopped searching already a while ago and

                            placed a reservation in France at Sheytan's Beauty showquality puppy.

                            And apparantly.... a black and white one with blue eyes was born. Just like my first husky Odin.  

                            Just as if Odin was reïncarnated and says  : Here I am ...

In Sweet loving

memory of

Sheytan's Beauty Coca-Cola


(import France)


Pedigree : LOF 53231(import France)  - eyes clear - HD-A2 - CASTRATED





Ch . Sheytan’s Beauty Amore Mio

Sweeps Del Karraces

Ch.Dharman Del Garcimen

Arisca Keep Out

CH Kontoki’s One Moment In Time

Kontoki’s Ring ’Round The Rosie

Nirvana Del Karraces

CH Dardian’s Carolina Blue

CH Condesa Del Karraces

Priscilla Del Karraces

Ch.Allidan’n Dardian's Turn The Page (WCH, multi BIS)

Ch. Chrisdon Allidan Silver Shadow

Ch. Dardian’s Duchess of York

Blue Ridge Somas Karraces Best

Ch. Alcinta’s Robin Hood of Dardian

Ch. Dardian’s Chablis

Ch.Sheytan's Beauty Uh-La-La

Ch. Regular Power of cool Water


Ch. Catstan's Waking Up the Nation

CH Kainai’s Quinn The Eskimo

CH Catstan’s Maggie May

Ch. Tonic Kiss of Artic Sun

CH Snowmist’s Pathfinder

Shadow Girl of Artic Sun 

Ch.Tundra Boreal Del Gran Lupus


Ch. Catstan's Runnin With The Devil


CH. Blueridge-Soma’s Billy Idol 

CH Catstan’s Lace ’n Whiskey 

Dorotty Del Gran Lupus

CH Syntari’s Filbert

Any (Espagna)





Multi Ch Naivasha Opal Serenade



Ch.Crystalice Snowmist’s Fudge


Ch.Crystalice Snowmist The Sting


Ch.Snowmist's Settin The Pace

CH Catstan’s Ziggy Stardust

Caijunvale’s Snowmist Tilley

Janmor's Dark Crystal

CH Shamablu’s Turkish Surprise

CH Bain’s Northern Leather N Lace

Ch.Vishnu's Quiet Riot Crystalice


Ch.Catstan's Ziggy Stardust


CH Snowmist’s Mai Tai

CH Tullemore’s Bourbon Bon Bon

Ch.Vishnu's Just Watch Me

CH Shaheen’s Star Chaser

CH Snowmist’s Icey Spark O’Vishnu

Top Secret of Artic Sun

Ch.Snowmist’s Pathfinder


Ch.Simayak's Fiery Jester

Innisfree’s Lt. Colonel K

CH Innisfree’s Sierra Shanna

Ch.Vishnu's Hy-Octane O'Snowmist

CH Snowmist’s Mai Tai 

CH Snowmist’s Icey Spark O’Vishnu

Ch.Snowmist's Rebellion O' Vishnu


Ch.Snowmist's Mai-Tai


CH Snowmist’s Disco

CH Snowmist’s Brimstone

Ch.Arcticlight's Snowmist Magic

CH Innisfree’s Sierra Cinnar

CH Rix’s Gypsy Of The Bastion


Name                    :  Coca            nickname : french anarchist or chatter

Date Of Birth       : 22/08/07

Hobby's                : teasing Fenli, stealing things, crawling on the dressing

Speciality             : crawling on the dressing

Namechoice         : the name for the pedigree was given by his breeder because he keeps a system of names

                               with very special names for his dogs so that people will remeber his dogs by name

                               The name to call him is Coca because he obeyed already quite good to it.




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